Genesis Enterprise will allow you to maximize your stock management efficiency and profits in real-time. This will mean better service and loyalty to your customers, incentives to good customers and rewards high performing sales staff.

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Easy Setup parameters

Genesis Enterprise allows the user to easily configure their stock with
the flexibility to suit their business. They can setup a number of parameters,such as:

Sizes & Colours

Any range of sizes can be added as well as any range of colours, including multiple colours per style.

Product Descriptions

Add text describing the type of product, e.g. fabric, style etc, including a picture of the product.

Prices & Margins

Prices and margins can be setup and changed very easy, allowing promotions to take place at a touch of a button, on specific product ranges at specific times, this information is then instantly available at the Tills.

Stock Management

This powerful feature is at the very heart of Genesis Enterprise, allowing stock to be managed in real time.

Analysis and relevant management reports can be extracted instantly. This gives data to make instant decisions on critical matters such as stock transfer between branches or re-ordering, price changes etc. This can then be implemented at a click of a button! Features include

Enquiry Screen

Instant view of the stock availability, both in current store and across all stores and in the warehouse, Till staff can advise customers in real time rather than having to make phone calls that frustrate the customer and those waiting in the queue.

Management staff at head office can review stock availability across all stores and make decisions as what to transfer where.

Business Intelligent Reporting

Genesis Enterprise provides the Excel Reporter (XRE) business intelligence tool. The XRE seamlessly links to your stock and financial data using Microsoft Excel Pivot Table techniques in a couple of simple steps. This allows you to develop your own reports tailored to your needs when you need them. This powerful module allows:

Seamless integration from Genesis Enterprise to Microsoft Excel

Management reports that link to the live financial data, meaning that they can be updated in a few minutes rather than taking hours or days to produce.

Multi-dimensional views of data used in business analysis can be obtained through the use of Pivot tables.

On-hand remote support

Our qualified engineers are on hand, via telephone or email to address your issues immediately, we pride ourselves on our excellent support team.

Enhanced Customer Service

Due to the availability of live data, the customer experience becomes more dynamic and friendly, thus improving the customer service by providing instant information and decision making.

Staff Access/Security.

Set the hierarchy for management levels of staff, both in terms of access and functionality so that decisions are made by only those that should make them.

Mark up/Mark down

At the click of a button you can increase or decrease prices across specific ranges, sizes, colours etc as part of a promotion or stock clearance strategy.

Purchase ordering

Set stock re-order levels either manually or automatically to suit the requirements of all organizations. Add a feature to receive stock directly to a branch rather than to the warehouse and to print product barcodes.

Stock Distribution

This powerful feature handles the movement of stock from location to location. It takes out all the guesswork and effort and can automatically replenish stock according to a method that suits your business. These Distribution Optimization methods are based on parameters such as low stock levels, historical sales periods, or even dedicated algorithms based on product performances. As part of our Software Customization service we can help you to develop the ideal way to manage and replenish your stock. We can also offer Location Grading, where one store for example would get higher priority on stock than another.

Improves staff efficiency

With live data to hand, staff can find answers to customer questions quickly and make appropriate decisions, thus improving their efficiency and giving a better customer experience.

Easy to use and flexible operation

Genesis Enterprise is much more intuitive and easy to navigate across all staff access levels. It is flexible and can be quickly reconfigured to suit changing environments or for seasonal promotions or stock clearances etc.

Sales Analysis

Powerful feature allowing Managers to analyze sales in real time by category, store, product, sales assistant etc. to understand what customers are buying, this allows them to make rapid, informed business decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Details of customers are captured in real time at the Till to allow targeting for future products and promotions as well as offering discounts and loyalty cards and packages.

Accounts Integration.

Sage and Pegasus

Genesis Enterprise wholesale System integrates with a number of leading accounts packages such as Sage, Sun Accounts, Opera, Pegasus and many others.


Multi Channel Retail Software

The visibility of stock items and sales figures across a retailer’s multiple channels/stores is a vital part of managing the business. Genesis Enterprise allows this to happen by having a single point of reference across all channels for stock management, customer information, ordering, and reporting. Genesis Enterprise allows everything to be in one place no matter where your customer buys it. It is seamless!

The new Genesis Enterprise solution offers real time operation. The Genesis Enterprise software can either be accessed via the Cloud or loaded onto a local server within the client’s premises, whichever is preferable and most cost effective for the client. The operation is real time in both scenarios.

The Till has the software preloaded also. This means that if the internet connection goes down, whether you are accessing the Cloud or local server, the Till will continue to work, make transactions, take money and when the connection is up and running again, it will automatically send all the transactions and the system will be fully live again. This happens seamlessly without any need for human intervention. So you can continue to service your customers without even being aware of the line going down.

iPad displaying mpos system

Benefits of mPoS system

  • Acts as a Queue Buster to check stock levels, take orders, make payments and issue receipts without needing to queue up.
  • Sales Staff are more informed and can get information at the touch of a button in front of the customer, making it more likely to turn browsing into buying.
  • Provides the customer with a personal retail experience, making it easier and friendlier to buy.
  • Can be used anywhere in the store, outdoor events, pop-up stores, exhibitions etc.
  • Interfaces to wireless printer to provide receipts at point of sale.
  • Fully integrated with Genesis back office, to provide real time stock management.
  • Can be used as part of the fixed Point of Sale system and when required released to become mobile point of sale units.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Details of customers are captured in real time at the Till to allow targeting for future products and promotions as well as offering discounts and loyalty cards and packages.


This module allows the sales data from any outlet, web store, concession etc to be examined via a web browser. A really powerful module, where sales performance can be immediately monitored from any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world.

Mail Order

This feature within Genesis Enterprise manages orders placed on the website. It produces pick and dispatch documentation and can automatically replenish stock levels at the same time. The Mail Order feature can be fully integrated into existing web stores.


As eCommerce continues to grow in the UK and across the globe it is important that retail solution providers such as Esperus Systems Ltd react with evolving their products to meet the demand of today's and tomorrow's consumer. Genesis Enterprise does exactly that and can be integrated to existing web stores with ease.


Concessions are a very important part of the retail industry. It is therefore critical that important product and sales data can be exchanged electronically with the concession to ensure the correct stock levels are maintained to keep customers satisfied. At Esperus Systems Ltd, over the last 25 years we have incorporated within Genesis, a number of dedicated data connection software engines for well know retail organizations including;

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The Genesis Enterprise Wholesale Distribution software is designed for in the wholesale sector. It seamlessly integrates logistics, stock management, CRM and accounting to provide real time insight into the business. It can be installed on a local server or the Cloud.

  • The Sales Order/Invoicing modules are designed to handle small or large volumes of orders in multiple currencies.
  • Order entry of style by colour and size breakdown is quickly entered on the matrix screen.
  • The system shows you in real time, the items you have in stock, the items that need to be ordered and the status of current orders. If the stock falls below a certain set level, an automatic alert is sent to the dashboard.
  • When goods are in short supply, the available items can be despatched and the remainder held as a back-order.
  • Stock availability and credit status checks are fully up to date when integrated with accounts.
  • Fully integrated to Genesis Enterprise mSOP Mobile Sales Order Processing software module, making it ideal for taking orders at exhibitions or when visiting clients.
  • Fully integrated to Genesis Enterprise Business to Business (B2B) web based software module.
  • Ability to integrate to a third party warehousing system for Picking and Despatching goods.
  • Full real time integration to leading accounts packages such as Sage, Pegasus Opera and Sun Accounts and many others.

Authorized Resell & Support Partners

Authorized Resell & Support Partners of Pegasus Opera and Sage 50 products, a dedicated integration has been written to both Pegasus Opera and Sage 50 from Genesis Enterprise.

Sage Developer

Online Sales Order Processing (B2B)

This is a Business to Business (B2B) application using the latest technology with browser based architecture, meaning it will run on any suitable hardware platform.

It can be accessed at home, in the office, or anywhere in the world. Customers or distributors who have access to this system can look at their order status and place new orders in real time from anywhere in the world.

  • Uses the latest technology with a secure web interface.
  • Can be used from anywhere in the world.
  • Can be used on a mobile tablet device.
  • Customers can view real time stock availability and place new orders quickly and with ease.
  • Sales Representatives/Agents can sit with customers and process sales orders immediately and provide instant and accurate information regarding deliveries and account status.

mSOP (mobile Sales Order Processing) module for Wholesalers.

This module allows the user to take sales orders in a tablet device offline and when the tablet is connected to the internet all the sales orders processed will be transferred automatically to Genesis without any loss of time or manual errors.

This is especially useful in an exhibition sales environment. No longer do you need to return to the office with stacks of paper, try and read rushed notes taken that may lead to expensive errors and waste days of time inputting all the sales orders taken at the show.

Now you have your tablet or mobile at the show with mSOP preloaded with no internet connection. Sales orders are entered into the device via clicking on options including colour and size, prices popup as they are preloaded avoiding errors, orders receipts can be printed at the show via a wireless printer and handed to the client as well as an electronic version generated automatically via an email that sits in the Outbox. As soon as you return to the office, hotel, or café and connect your device to a good internet connection, it will then automatically upload all the sales orders to the Genesis system as well as send all the client receipt emails pending in the Outbox, job done in a few minutes!!

The Genesis Enterprise Wholesale Distribution software - displayed on iPad

Genesis Enterprise offers a suite of modules for manufacturing production control. These modules are designed to follow the logic and working processes that are needed with the manufacturing environment.


Product costing module

  • Creation of new stock lines, showing all components required to make it
  • Cost of components taken from the stock file
  • Cost price and selling price are transferred to stock control system
  • Automatic selling price calculation according to profit required
  • Material requirements by Style and Material
  • Attach a picture for each style

Material purchase module

  • Order entry by Type, Code, Colour and Location
  • Full Multi-currency orders
  • Full or part orders receipts
  • Outstanding Purchases reports by user definable criteria
  • Preview orders before printing

Material stocks module

  • Materials are defined by Type, Code, Season, Composition, Width, Location,Colours among others
  • Cost price is analyzed by its components
  • On screen history of movements per Material
  • Valuation Report by Location
  • Integrates to Material Purchases, Product Costing, work Dockets

Work Dockets module

  • Automatic creation of dockets by style showing colour & sizes based on Orders Received
  • Sales Orders can be collated into one docket automatically
  • Automatic printing of dockets with user defined formatting including picture/sketch
  • Amend & reprint dockets with option to adjust cloth and trimmings
  • Full work In progress query and reporting facility by factory , docket, style and due date
  • Deliveries from factories are checked against dockets issued, with “overs and shortages” highlighted
  • Full sub-contractor control.

Critical Path System (CPS)

  • The Critical Path System (CPS) is used to control and monitor the entire production cycle prompting the user when there are anomalies.
  • All confirmed orders are reflected in this module, whether docked or not, so the management is aware of the production requirements ahead.
  • The available fields have user-definable names and templates can be created.
  • Critical events which are dependent on activities being completed can only be changed by authorized users.
  • The system generates automatic colour coded warnings for all activities. When a task is overdue, it is highlighted, say in red, whereas when is completed on time it is shown in a green colour.

Within the CPS screen the customer can use various criteria such as, factory, customer and style to filter the data for the needs of the business.


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