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Esperus Systems Ltd provides modular flexible software solutions in ePoS (Electronic Point of Sale) and eCommerce for Retail, Wholesale and Production applications. These solutions have been optimized over the last 25 years to meet the specific needs of the Fashion, Footwear, Sportswear and Outdoor Leisurewear industries.

Genesis offers a truly multi-channel solution, whether sales are coming via web stores, outlet stores, concessions, all over the world, Genesis captures them all into one single place. Wholesale, production and retail operations are fully integrated into the Genesis package. This means that reports can be run centrally to provide data across the whole organization, both at a National and International level.

The new Genesis Enterprise solution offers real time operation. The Genesis Enterprise software can either be accessed via the Cloud or loaded onto a local server within the client’s premises, whichever is preferable and most cost effective for the client. The operation is real time in both scenarios.

The Till has the software preloaded also. This means that if the internet connection goes down, whether you are accessing the Cloud or local server, the Till will continue to work, make transactions, take money and when the connection is up and running again, it will automatically send all the transactions and the system will be fully live again. This happens seamlessly without any need for human intervention. So you can continue to service your customers without even being aware of the line going down.

The latest brilliant invention from our Genesis developers is "Sales On-The Go" (eGenesisReports), an extremely powerful management tool. Via your Smartphone, you can access real time sales data from anywhere in the world; you can compare sales by store, department, supplier etc. and make instant management decisions, keeping one step ahead of your competitors!

The benefits of Genesis Enterprise are

  • Manages a stock system in real-time, all sales and stock transactions are updated as they happen!
  • In the event of the internet line going down, the real-time till has a backup contingency so the store can continue to make sales!
  • Polling sales from the shops is no longer required as everything is real-time and live!
  • Establish full transparency of inter branch transfers between shops from your Genesis system.
  • Mobile tablets can be deployed in your shops and in an exhibition environment for sales capturing purposes and for queue busting.

As a busy manager you need to make fast informed decisions. Genesis Enterprise from Esperus Systems can make your life easier. Our modular system can manage the stock, Offer a user friendly live ePoS Till and produce instant management reports to help answer questions such as

What are the Top 10 Selling Products? Bottom 10 Selling Products?
How are sales versus the same period last year?
How are our web sales doing compared with in store? What products are selling most on the web?
How is our store doing compared to others in our group?
What was the value of our stock during December last year?
Is Sam selling more than John? Who is the best selling sales assistant?


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